Digital Learning; Week 3


This week the group was set a task by Richard, everyone was given various different digital media objects for example a Voice recorder, Tablets (Which could be used for videos and pictures), Mobile phones, video recorder, HD Video recorder and various other forms of media. The task set was to use these media tools to record, take pictures, and record a small lecture that was going to be delivered by Richard live on periscope to another class. Our class was given the role of Paparazzi which in other words was ‘A freelance photographer who pursues celebrities to get photographs of them’ in academic terms Richard was THE ‘celebrity Lecturer’.

This task was effective as it gave us the basic knowledge of ways in which media can be incorporated within the curriculum to educate students. For example a video can be used from YouTube and explained by an academic i.e. Myself through explaining the video and what it means in simpler forms. This task also helped to analyse how digital learning resources impact on teaching and learning, hence it also helped to evaluate the ability to use a range of Digital Learning Resources to create a professional resource which is the initial task on the module handbook. In contrast to the module handbook component 2 of the module states critique three digital resources, therefore this this task used more than 3 digital resources which helped to answer the questions for component 2.

Overall the experience of this task was wonderful as it was my first time being live on periscope and also recording Richard giving the lecture to the class, this experience was something which was new to me and also it could be used and incorporated within teaching today, as the video can be saved and used and uploaded on various sites like twitter, YouTube to watch again and note down information if lessons were missed.




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